Help Increase the Peace Project

HIPP was founded in 1990 as part of the American Friends Service Committee's Youth Empowerment Project, seeking to change patterns of behavior by developing young peoples' emotional intelligence. Its ultimate aim is to knit the school into a caring community by having active participation in the workshops not only by students but also teachers, parents and social workers.

HIPP believes that young people need opportunities to feel what its like to be part of a caring community in which they can develop a positive sense of self, develop communication skills, and learn to work together to resolve their own conflicts, and deal with their own issues. In so doing they learn to define themselves in terms of who they are rather than by what they may or may not own and how they feel about things.

First Hong Kong HIPP Graduation

The first HIPP graduation in Hong Kong at Hong Kong International School, March 2003

HIPP is based on the same format as the AVP workshops. It teaches amongst other things:

  • Leadership skills
  • Public speaking
  • Self Confidence