Becoming a Facilitator

Begin by completing the AVP Basic and Advanced Workshops. If you find that this is an experience you would like to share and you would like to become an AVP facilitator, take the Training for Facilitators Workshop. This workshop is reserved for those who expect to be active volunteer facilitators in community, organisations, or other workshops.

Facilitators graduation

The Graduation of new AVP trained facilitators at SWD March 2003

The Training for Facilitators Workshop focuses on developing team building, leadership skills and methods, and group process skills. Participants work in small groups, actually functioning as facilitators. They receive guidance and practice in facilitating all parts of a Basic Workshop whilst at the same time learning about:

  • Team Building and Contract
  • Choosing a Team Leader
  • Agendas
  • Exercises
  • Transforming Power Talk
  • Role Plays

See also our Basic and Advanced Workshops.