Overview of AVP

AVP is an experiential programme in which we help people develop their emotional intelligence (EQ) though a series of workshops which are non-intrusive by nature.

HIPP graduation

Facilitators Margaret (South Africa), Colin (South Africa), Geg (Hong Kong) and Jabu (South Africa) at the graduation of the first Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP) held at Hong Kong International School, March 2003

  • It is a community based programme, offering a new approach for community groups, commercial businesses, social service agencies, schools, universities, youth organisations and all those who would like to participate
  • It is a programme for everybody, not religious in matter and encourages attendance by participants from all religions, races, and walks of life
  • It teaches leadership and public speaking skills
  • It is affirming as we believe that one has to care about oneself before one can care about others
  • It is an intensive learning experience, offering either two-day workshops on three levels:or a five-day continuous workshop encompassing the three sections above.
    1. The Basic Workshop
    2. The Advanced Workshop
    3. The Training for Facilitators Workshop